easy care turf supplies turf varieties

when only real turf will do

Low maintenance crisp green colour

quick to repair pest resistant

cut  to about 30mm every 2 to 3 weeks

soft fine pea green dense non invasive

control weeds with salt water 1kg/5lt

cut  to about 11mm or lower  (3mm) if need be

drought resistant crisp green colour

quick to repair proven performer

cut  to about 14mm every 2 to 3 weeks

Sir Walter



There are many reasons why some of our customers may require an area of real grass,  whether it be that they have noted their dogs desire to self medicate on grass (chew the freshly grown tips) or  they may have a pet that has a personal preference for doing their business in a particular spot and they may for some reason prefer this to be on natural grass, which in itself it not a problem, you employ the same cleanup and hygiene techniques with Synthetic turf as you would on real grass. which ,  whatever the reason the repeated  requests that we have received for natural turf has led to us now being in a position  to offer for sale various  varieties  of grass in rolled or slab form at very competitive rates

Orders are processed  allowing three days then are normally cut on a Thursday for delivery on the Friday

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